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What is the process for cabinetry painting?

Generally, we will come into the kitchen to mask everything that doesn't need to be prepped or painted. Then, we immediately remove all the drawers and door cabinets and label everything.

We also will remove all the hardware and take all of the drawer fronts and the door fronts back to the finish shop for prep and paint. You will be able to choose the color of your sheen before we start the job.

The boxes remain in the kitchen, and all of those get sanded primed and two coats of either solid, body, lacquer finish, or a high grade, high-quality kitchen cabinet, enamel paint. This dries real hard.

Once the cabinet doors at the shop are cured, we bring everything back and reinstall all your hardware, button everything up, line all your cabinets back up, clean everything up, and we're out of there. Generally, this whole process takes between three to five days.

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